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Your tailor-made digital learning programs based on the first certified techno-pedagogical engineering model.

Our purpose
The smart mix of pedagogy and technology to enhance your learning experiences

My-Serious-Game is the French leader in custom-built digital learning solutions and a key European player: from analyzing your needs to delivering your digital training programs, we support you through an ad hoc creation process and a unique and certified pedagogical engineering method.

Combining the best of neuroscience, cutting-edge technologies (3D simulations, virtual reality, artificial intelligence...), game design or storytelling, our fun and innovative digital learning solutions enhance information retention and encourage experimentation to stimulate performance.

Our contribution

Tailor-made Digital Learning experiences

We are part of a market that wants to push professional education towards excellence and that allows the evolution of practices through technology. We affirm our role as a partner, standing by your side from the first phase of consulting to the tailor-made production of your digital learning programs or learning sessions.


Let's work hand in hand to empower your teams to design training strategy and engineering


Challenge usual learning standards and step out of the box


Use the best game design mechanisms for optimal training efficiency

Pedagogical engineering

Your learning experiences designed with the first certified techno-pedagogical engineering model

From consulting to development, each step is based on high quality requirements in order to design the most immersive learning experience.

Our product
EdMill, our all-in-one tool for training content digitalization

My-Serious-Game is the spearhead of the AugMANted group, which gathers a consulting service and various learning and training solutions, all sharing the same mission: to develop professional skills and empower tomorrow's mankind.

Among them, EdMill is an intelligent tool and digital learning creation platform presented at CES 2021, now available in English!

One year anniversary of EdMill

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An AFNOR-certified engineering methodology
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First of its kind, this certification by AFNOR (the French national organization for standardization) marks a major step forward in the Digital Learning market.

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My-Serious-Game offers tailor-made, high-end and ready-to-use digital learning programs (serious games, blended learning, virtual and augmented reality, mobile, etc.) based on our consulting experience and certified methodology.


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